SOLD Carved Articulated Folk Art Figure with Goofy Face

Regular price $135.00

I really love this guy, clearly an old one, carved of pine which has developed a wonderfully warm dry patina over the years, and with this surprisingly goofy face, made so pretty much entirely by his very lopsided smile. As such, he really feels quite singular, and reflective of a particular maker who was probably a bit goofy themself!  With a terrifically rounded form to the head and torso that feels just right and gives him an excellent profile. Arms and legs all move at the joints, attached by what looks to be the original wire. 

8" t including stand, 2 1/4" w and d at base. Wonderfully aged and much handled antique condition.He's held up by a thin wire post that runs from between his legs to the center of the wooden base; it's got a little wobble to it but holds him fine and can be adjusted as needed.