Carved and Painted and Battered Swashbuckler-looking Figure

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When I first saw this carved figure the word "swashbuckler" came to mind; I don't know, but he looks the bit of a daring adventurer to me, and also a bit perhaps like Captain Ahab, less the peg leg. Anyway, he some some challenging times for sure, with the loss of his hand, the front brim of his hat, and a bit along the edge his gray coat, plus some brown paper adhered to him in a few spots (I have not tried to peel it away)--all of which seem to match the soulful, sorrowful expression on his hand-painted face. A character for sure.

6 5/8" t x 3 3/8" w x 2 1/8. Stands up find on his own and apart from his missing hand is in solid structural shape.