Old, Battered, Beautiful Monkey Acrobat Toy

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This crazy thing--I'm in love with it, all the more so for the rather distressed state of this old monkey, pieces of whose head appear to have been glued and re-glued over the past 100+ years or so. No wonder--when one uses the wire arm to raise and flip him over, if not gentle he'll smash pretty hard into the ladder on the other side. His arms, legs and body appear to be hand-carved of wood, and then his head looks to be ceramic or composition over wood I would guess, with some furry fabric glued on for hair. I'm not sure if there was once some addition component to the wire arm that controls him, but now it works fine for raising and flipping him, and he can be posed in all sorts of ways on either side of the wooden ladder, made of pine I believe. Perhaps the sort of thing only a mother could love, but how not to want to be that mother?:)

Overall: 8 1/8" t x 5 1/4" d x 2 11/16" w. Monkey himself is 6 1/4" tall. Plenty of wear, as evident, but stable, not hugely fragile, and I think pretty fantastic!