Oil on Glass Pansy Painting with Tiny Scissors!

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It's the little pair of scissors painted in the bottom right corner--about to snip a leaf of of one stem--that really sold me on this painting, which, somewhat surprisingly, was painted on the face of a plate of glass, making me think that whoever made it was perhaps just using whatever they had on hand. But scissors aside, I think it's a lovely little painting, delicately done, and with a subtle, somewhat muted palette that makes these pansies feel like a bit of a moody bunch. Pansy paintings are definitely a genre, and this one I think stands as a quite an interesting, unusual example.

10 1/4" x 7 7/8" x 3/4" as framed in a copper painted old wooden frame. Initialed in the bottom right corner what looks like C.K.K or similar. Earlyish 20th century I might think but am not completely sure. Very good condition.