Oil on Cardboard 1989 Russian Landscape by Chaloi Leonty

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I think this is a little gem of a landscape, oil on cardboard and just over 5”x7”, though with a much larger presence! It's the work of Russian artist Chaloi Leonty, which I purchased from a member of the artist’s family—and which took about a month to make its way to me packed in nothing more than a simple unpadded envelope!

From what I understand, Leonty was born in 1929 in the Urals, and graduated from the Leningrad Art College in 1955, where he studied under G.A. Shah, a student of Ilya Repin. He then worked at the Combine of Fine Arts in the 50s and 60s--a production subdivision of the Leningrad branch the Art Fund of the RSFSR--and in 1975 joined the Soviet Union of Artists. It seems that he painted many landscapes over the years, this one in 1989. 

Excellent condition, and signed and dated on the back. 7 1/8"x5 1/8".