Odd Fellows Early 20th Century Memorial Ribbon, Pin

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The International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F) certainly has had a gift for designing compelling iconography, and this memorial ribbon from the Powow River Lodge in Amesbury, MA features two of its best, with the gold bordered "handshake" pin at top and "all seeing eye" at center. Those waving flags between the two are pretty good too. I am pretty certain this one dates to the turn-of-the-century--around the heyday of the I.O.O.F, when it was the largest fraternal organization in the country, with lodges in every state. It is two sided, with black and silver "In Memorium" ribbon on reverse. It appears that one can take the whole thing apart (if for example one just wanted to wear the handshake pin around); the two ribbons slide across a pin on the back side. 

Fairly good overall condition, but with wear to the now pinkish red ribbon, threadbare between the flags at top and just below "Powow River" on the front side. Lifting the "all seeing eye" ribbon shows the fading of the color. There is also some wear to the silver rim around the eye. Still, a pretty cool thing!

9" tall x 2 7/8" wide.