Odd Fellows Antique Cruver 7 1/2" inch Diameter Stand-Up Celluloid Button with Portrait

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I am not quite sure whether to call this a button or a sign or a what--it is celluloid like a button, but huge, with a stand rather than a pin-back on reverse allowing for proud display. And it is stunning, with photographic image of a very handsome Odd Fellow framed in gold at lower center, crossed axes behind him, Friendship, Love, and Truth links just above, All Seeing Eye at top, and lovely border wreath of pink and yellow pansies--all as bright and beautiful as if made yesterday.

In fact, I have learned it dates to sometime between 1910-17 or so, and is pretty rare; I have found a few other examples online with different portraits (one of those, in poorer condition, currently for sale for $225, another with a photo of a wonderfully serious looking older couple, previously sold) so these clearly they were made to honor individual members. At the very bottom is printed Copyright Cruver Mfg. Co.

Very very good condition, with one visible scratch over the pansy at top center right and a few other scattered smaller stains and scratches and some rusting on the backside rim, really all minor; it looks fantastic and really is quite a thing. 7 1/2" tall and wide.