Norwegian Hand-carved Wooden "Love Spoon" or Wedding Spoon

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The tradition of carved wooden "Love spoons" apparently dates to mid 1600’s, when they were made by young men as gifts for the objects of their affection in hopes of beginning a courtship. Often incredibly ornate, with whimsy-type elements showing the prowess of their makers, they came to be carved throughout Europe in a variety of styles.

This one, which I'd guess dates to the 1960s or so, was made in Hus-Flid Norway (the original sticker is still on it.) I love the little face near the top, and the cutouts forming heart patterns at the center of the handle. At the top of the spoon are three carved loops, which a ribbon could be pulled through to hang it, though there is also a hook screwed into the back. The bowl of the spoon features a lightly carved flower and vine pattern on both front and back. A lovely wedding or anniversary gift, or a sweet show of love anytime!

Excellent condition. 11 1/2" tall x 3" wide x 1 1/4" deep.