Northwest Coast Native Hazel Twined / Grass Coiled Sifting or Winnowing Basket

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This sifting or winnowing basket, presumed early 20th century Northwest Coast Native, would have been used for sifting meal, I believe, as the mesh at the center is quite finely woven. The strong frame or foundation of the basket appears to be hazel, around which grass is woven, while the sifting area is woven of a finely twisted natural fiber the same color just a shade darker than the grass.  

A beautiful and beautifully constructed object, this basket would be wonderful hung on the wall, displayed flat on a table or shelf, or, as it is in excellent condition, could be put to use as a sifter or strainer! A great addition to a collection of fine baskets or Native American objects. 

14 1/2" diameter x 2 3/4" tall. Very good overall condition, with just a couple of loose/broken pieces of grass at the very outside edge.