Norman Jones' 1909 Penmanship Practice Notebook

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I've become pretty fascinated by these penmanship practice notebooks, not just because I love seeing the handwriting, but also for the choice of phrases, which speaks lot to the times they were done, and served as a way of imparting moral values and instilling good behavior. Here, I especially love the phrase "exercise with caution," which I'd think would say "exercise caution" but instead seems to be warning against injuring ones self (!), and also "quite pools are deep," and "make toil a pleasure."  Lots more good ones too! Also on the inside of the front cover, tons of very detailed information on the proper sort of desk and chair and hand and paper position for writing properly!

Singed Norman C. Jones and dated 1909 on the front cover.  32 numbered pages inside - photos show a selection. Very good condition, tightly bound, with writing  executed in pen and ink. 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".