Nordloh Toy Co. c. 1945 "Jefferson Tiles" Ceramic Design Blocks

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I've had a couple of sets of Richter's stone/ceramic blocks, but I'd never seen a set of these Jeffereson Tiles, which seem to be much rarer, and I like them even better. It doesn't appear that this set was much if at all used, and while it's possible there are a few of the smallest sized (triangular) blocks missing, it is very very close to complete, including the original design booklet, with tons of diagrams for what one might create, as well as a bit about the intent of this set, including to "fill a long-felt need for a construction toy for girls...who will be thrilled in spending hours cresting miniature doll furniture." !  When when slides off the lid, there is a layer of thick cardboard, with insets that have been filled with sample designs (which can be removed to use for one's own), and then three layers deep of blocks inside in a fantastic palette of soft mint green, creamy yellow, white, brick, black, and cornflower blue.

Box measures 10" l  x 7"d  x 1 7/8" t. Largest of the blocks (rectangular) measure 1 5/8" x 3/4" x 3/16". All in excellent condition.