Nine Hearts, Antique Playing Cards, Presumed Belgian, Late 18th C.

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I find these very very old hand-cut playing cards heartbreakingly beautiful!:) I am not at all a playing card expert, but someone much more knowledgable than me dated them to the 1780s or so and thought they are likely Belgian (I do know Belgium was quite a hub for playing card production in the 18th century, largely for export to England, and based on a little research late 18th century or seems about right.) I just love their imperfectly cut, square edged, elongated rectangular forms, and the lushness of those red printed hearts, bleeding a little around the edges. The backs, printed with a pattern of sun-like faces inside a hexagonal labyrinth, are pretty terrific too. Yum yum. 

Sold as a set, including the ace through ten of hearts, absent the six. In very good condition for their age, with wear and staining here and there that I think just makes them more beautiful. The back of the ace card is darker/more worn than the others. No tears or folds. Cards measure approx. just a hair larger than 4 1/4" x 2 1/4" each.