"Nickle" Plate Road Caboose, Old Folk Art Model Train Car

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Often I feel like a child looking at things; there is so much I don't know, I often just invent my own stories. In this case, I didn't know there was actually a "Nicke Plate Road" railroad (a nickname for the the New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad, founded in 1887, which served parts of the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri), I just liked the idea of a humble folk art train car with a humble name (rather than silver plate, say). And also, Nickel is spelled wrong, which makes me love it 10 times more!  And, it is painted bright silver, also very much to the good! With cream painted windows outlined in pencil, hand-carved black wheels that rotate smoothly, and an original Nickel Plate Road logo sticker on the opposite side, dating to (and dating the train car I believe) to the 1930s or so. Very sweet.

10" long x 3" wide x 5 5/8" t, sound and very sturdy, great patina.