Nice Old Leather and Silver-plate Hip Flask

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It's that time of year when a pocket flask seems most in order, filled with whiskey and perhaps tucked into a coat pocket as one heads out for a ski or long walk through the woods. This smallish one is just the right size for that—or to throw in one’s bag en route anywhere, and handily the silver-plated bottom half slides off easily should one wish to share.

Dimensions: 5" t x 2 1/2" w x 1 1/4" d. Early 20th century I believe and lI think likely British, with what look to be a few tiny numbers etched in the silver-plate but it’s a bit hard to tell. (“Foreign” is stamped on the cap.) The leather shows light wear but it is good shape and still tightly stitched down the sides, and the silver-plate is in good shape too, with just a couple of areas of spotting.