Nice Old Handmade Round Marbles Solitaire Board with Clay Marbles

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I can't pass by a nice old marbles solitaire board--the perfect vehicle for displaying old clay marbles, and good for many hours of solitaire diversion. (To play, one removes the marble at the center, then tries to eliminate all the rest by jumping them, trying to have the final marble remaining in the center spot.) I believe this one is mahogany, old, and fairly large as far as these go. It is solid and lays flat, with no hidden tray for holding marbles so best to keep a little bowl nearby! Old clay marbles to fill all the spots included.

8 3/8" in diameter and 7/8" thick. I have not touched the wood, which shows small dings here and there and a little darkening along one edge. In person, it feels warm and cozy and great for really playing with.