Very Nice C. Early 20th C. Chip Carved Tramp Art Pedestal Box with Red Painted Interior

Regular price $175.00

It's been a while since I bought a true tramp art box, built of chip carved and stacked layers. Missing bits of wood, or too much fuss in one way or another tend to deter me, plus people tend now to price them through the roof. But this is a nice, clean, perfect scale and very sturdy one in great shape, and I really like this pedestal type form. With a lovely, carved pull for lifting the hinged lid, to reveal a bright red painted interior, with brass chains connecting lid to base. Very sound, nice patina, perfectly resolved. Early 20th century I believe. 

11" w x 8" d x 8 3/4" tall and in very good condition. There is some wiggle (well not so much wiggle as the capacity to turn) to the carved pull, but it is well attached and turns easily to assume just the right position.