Nice 1914 Chip Carved Tramp Art Lidded Pedestal Box with Great Dry Wood Patina

Regular price $160.00

In my experience it's a pretty rare thing to find an old tramp art box that wasn't varnished or painted, making the patina to the dry cigar box wood on this one feel all the more special. I've also got a particular penchant for pedestal shaped tamp boxes, with the construction of their necks involving another level of stacking. There are certainly much fancier ones out there than this, but I love this one a lot, including, perhaps especially, for its relative humbleness and honest, hard-trying effort. Very sweet.

7 1/2" w x 7" d x 7" t and in very good condition. Dated (twice) on the interior. No chip carved bits missing that I can see, just a bit of wear around the edge of the lid, which lifts off and sits flush.