New Favorite Stool in Red Paint with Field of Iron Nails Underneath

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So much love for this one, which I found at what is quite a good antiques show in Lititz, PA--and which I think slipped under the radar (bought from a dealer focused on other things, who had it on the floor in an inconspicuous spot); as I carried it out, I had several people comment in envy! Wonderfully irregular long and low form with rounded corners, fantastic wear to the red paint, and then this terrific, inexplicable surprise of hundreds of old iron nails on the underside; I presume because the wood was repurposed from some other use. Loads of age and character, super presence, a great thing.

15 1/4" x 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" t. and in good and sound antique condition, stands level and sturdy on its feet, amazing patina of use.