Native American Beaded Mocassin Coin Purse with Flowers

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This lovely little hand-beaded coin purse with hide bottom makes me want to save all my pennies just so that I can carry them around it, though it would be pretty great for holding lipsticks, too! It is quite beautifully made, with every bead in place (it most certainly has never been used)-- and inside that great green zipper is a nice gray lining.

Definitely it is Native American, made for the tourist trade and I don't think very old. While I purchased it in Massachusetts, based on the style of the flowers and beading I'd guess it was made in the Northwest, though am not totally certain. Really a terrific gift, or just keep it for yourself...if not to used as a purse, hang it on the wall!

6" long (7 1/2" with handle); 2 1/4" wide when folded, 3 5/8" wide when spread. Perfect, like new condition.