Naively Carved Marble Child's Boots

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I'd like to think these were carved not in memorial but rather in celebration of the progression of time, like bronzed baby shoes but much more expressive, and product of much more effort on the part of their maker! The form of the boots and manner of carving is quite akin to naively carved wooden boots I have occasionally found, but the effect of carving them from marble gives them a whole different sort of gravitas--and it is the combination of naive carving + weighty (in all senses) material that I really love. And also that one boot is carved half a step in front of the other, giving a sense of them scuffling along!

7 1/2" l x 4" w x 4" t and heavy!!! Good condition, scattered stains/darkening, with a little roughness/loss at the top back lip of one boot, as documented, no real matter.