Naive Antique Drawing of Two Fishing Children and a Horn Player

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The faces on these children just kill me, as do their hats and collars and bright red stockings! What a gang the three of them are together, the two with fishing poles perched on what appears to be the stone wall of a pond, and the other on this funny diving board-like beam extended from the old wooden fence. I love his delicate little hands as they finger the holes and the red tip of his horn, and then the dangling bait at the end of her fishing pole, while the third little guy appears to be getting his hook ready. Just great. 

8" x 10" and in very good condition. There are a few brown stains here and there but the drawing is crisp and bright and the paper in excellent condition. Pen and ink, with the very saturated color I believe ink as well rather than watercolor. Late 19th or very early 20th century I would guess.