Marvelous Victorian Paper Doll with Equally Wonderful Back

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My favorite paper doll I've found I do believe, the backside of which I love as much as for the front, especially for what it reveals about the construction of this dress--made with near as much care as if constructing an actual one! The face of it is a sort of natural colored crepe paper, carefully folded to make the pleats of the skirt, and with this wonderful very thin strip of what I believe is cut paper snaking down the front of the bodice, with white paper buttons to boot. And then the back showing the form as pieced together from bits of old letters with the crepe paper wrapped around from the front and secured over top. All the better for the spots of age toning here and there I think and just beautiful.

5 1/2” t x 2 1/8”w and in very good, antique condition--delicate but not fragile, with everything well secured.