My Favorite Folk Art Cow Ever!

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I happened to spot this one on Ebay the moment it was listed, and snatched it up just as fast as it could without even reading the description. Happily, when I did I realized it was quite a large one, more than 11 1/2 inches long, and when out arrived in the mail I was happier still--it is without an ounce of equivocation  that I declare it my very favorite cow ever!  In part it is the completely painterly paint job that makes it great--looking quite like an abstract expressionist painting but at the same time very cow like! Then these wire horns and old twine tail, and the legs as separate layers, nailed on to the body, with spikes on the front two which, whatever the original purpose, now have the effect of adding balance as she stands. A hundred years on her at least I'd think, and all the better for them--to my eye, a total charmer.

11 5/8" l x 9 1/2" t x 1 1/2" w and in very good antique condition. There is a small split on one back hoof, which looks to have been repaired, no real matter.