Museum of Modern Art's "Arp," Edited by James Thrall Soby, 1958 First Edition

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I really love the work of Jean Arp, and I really love this book! Published by MoMA in 1958 and edited by James Thrall Soby, it features essays by Arp, Richard Huelsenbeck, Robert Melville, and Carola Giedion-Welcker--but, happily, much of its 126 pages are dedicated to images of Arp's work. Most are high quality black and white reproductions, quite striking themselves, but best is a full color (and site-specific) version of "Mountain, Table, Anchors, Navel" (1925) with cutouts in the page that reveal the white page behind it...So nice!  Hardbound with a terrific mustard yellow fabric cover and printed and distributed by Doubleday & Co, Inc, Garden City, NY.

The dustcover on this copy is well torn and frayed along the top on both front and back, but the book itself is in excellent condition. 9 3/4" tall x 8 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep.