Much Used Old Pine Stool with Painterly Surface

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I'm always looking for good old stools but am having a particular moment with them right now--in addition to being the one type of furniture I can easily manage to ship (!), they're also useful things in an endless number of ways, including  making great pedestals for other things, and they seem, as much as almost anything else, to wear their histories on their proverbial sleeves. This one has certainly had quite a life, which I might guess included providing a platform for a house painter to stand on, as its got a fantastic spattering of paint drips all over, making it look quite Pollock-esque. The sides show old white paint, which has held on more on the slats of the long sides than the short ones. Made of pine. with iron nails holding it together, and a cutout at the center of the top for easy carrying.

15 1/8" x 11 3/8" x 8" t. Good overall condition, with some splitting around the nail holes on top and a few minor losses to the slats on the long sides. It remains pretty sturdy, but I'd be much more inclined to use for display than for house-painting!