Much Loved Old Hand-embroidered Stuffed Doggie

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A sweet stuffed pup, looking a bit forlorn perhaps, though he was certainly much loved for a good bit of his long life. I am thinking may have been made from pre-printed cloth-- these is some text along the hand-stitched bottom seam, but it’s a bit tough to tell if printed on hand-written in blue ink. (It does sort of look like it says "Made by..." so perhaps the latter. In any case, all of the black is hand-embroidered, and what I’d guess was once white cloth is now stained pretty much all over, all to the good I think. The seam along the left side of his head was reinforced with black thread at some point, which, like all of the rest of the seam, is holding very tight. He’s stuffed full and will almost stand up on his own, but wants something to lean lightly against—or would also make a very sweet little pillow for the a favorite chair. I'd guess 1930s or so.

10 5/8” t x 4 3/4” w x 2. 3/4” d. Plenty loved but all the better for it I think. There is one spot to the right of his tail that is a bit threadbare but presents no issues and is completely stable. Not smelly or musty, etc...