Much Loved Large Handmade Striped Linen Elephant Pin Cushion

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This old lovingly handmade large elephant pin cushion just tugs at my heartstrings. And what a lot of service he has given over many years--punctured with stick pins on all sides and coming apart at a few of his seams! Whoever made him was skilled and took great care--he Is beautifully constructed of this terrific red striped linen, with a solid panel on his back and bias tape seams around his flappy ears and for his tail. I love him all the more for the fact that he is pretty battered at this point--though happily he remains structurally solid, and the stuffing, where bursting out, is in fact packed in pretty tightly and not really threatening to come apart. So, still super useful as a pin cushion, or charming just retired to a shelf to be appreciated for the wonderful object that he is!

He measures 8 1/2" long x 4 3/4" tall x 3" wide.