Mother Bear and Climbing Cub, Signed Inuit Stone Carving, 1969 (with Marble Base)

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Such a tender one--and one that surely would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift (or Father's Day gift, too!) Great all the way around, though I'm especially partial to the view shown in the first image--ah, the bottomless need and want and longing for affection of this cub, which its mother indulges while also looking off into the distance! And formally so beautiful, with the long body of the mother forming  a perfect "L"--a strong and sturdy support if there ever were one. A terrific white vein in the stone running around the base too. Really a wonderful piece. 

The marble square base in not attached--I purchased this from an estate where it was used for displaying this piece, and a good match it is so I will send it along. I believe the '69 incised into the underside along is indeed the year of its making; it is a bit hard to read the rest (and there are two old pads attached to the underside) but it appears to read AG10 followed by four numbers. 

8 5/8 on base; 7 3/8 alone. Very good condition, with one flat nick to the stone on the nose of the larger bear and a few very minor surface dings/stratches here and there. (There is a piece of lint under the cub's top leg caught in a few photos--just lint!)