Moses Baker, Outsider Artist, 1974-75 Mixed Media Drawings -- 14 Total, Sold Individually

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One of my favorite finds ever--these drawings make me really, really happy, and so glad they exist in the world! There is nothing out there at all that I can find about Moses Baker, excepting a posting by folk/outsider/naive art collector Jim Linderman, who outbid me on Ebay for the first set of four of these that were listed. (I then went directly to the seller and bought all the rest!) With great energy and care invested in every detail--from hairstyles, to facial expressions, to fantastically, colorfully pattered outfits, tights and shoes, as well as Stars of David around many of their necks and affirmative phrases on the skirts and backgrounds of some--I take them as wonderful exaltations of individuality, identity, and self-love, and products of a very singular vision!

Pencil, paint (fairly thickly applied in some areas, so there is some texture) and ink/marker, on cardstock.  All are signed and dated, with blank backs. Sizes range from about 11 to 12 1/2" tall by about 5 1/2" to 6" wide. Very good condition, with minor stains or small bleeds here or there. There is a bit more staining on  "J" (Clown Lady), mostly just on the background, so she's $20 off tho still so great! (I'll refund you the savings.) 

Photos show all of them, 2 by 2 and labelled with letters, followed by details. Please indicate the letter of the one or ones you want at checkout. Please be in touch with any questions!