"Morn by Wood" Antique Folk Art Carved Book on Starry Panel

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I love carved books of all sorts, and this one, found in Pennsylvania, is both  beautiful and curious. Into the spine is carved "Morn by Wood", the "Wood" I have to think a playful reference to the material from which the book was carved. And then on the face of it garlands and stars carved all around the title, highlighted in gold paint , as are the edges of the pages, and feeling about as optimistic as the coming dawn,  while at the same time perhaps invoking its homonym, "mourn." And all the better, the book was mounted to a dark blue/black painted panel intensively carved with stars, which gives a further sense of "Morn" as emerging from the night--and also making for an easy way to hang it! 

8 3/4” x 5 3/8” x 2”. Overall good condition with a bit of loss along the left edge of the book and few scratches to the surface of the wood, all as documented.