Monogrammed Vintage Wooden Animal Themed Pencil Box

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I hate to think pencil boxes are strictly a thing of the past, as what a great feeling to pull one out of one's bag and set it on one's desk, fully equipped and ready to get to work! Just looking at this one, proudly monogrammed HJL, gives me the feeling of the first day of the school year and all of the optimism and anticipation that goes along with it.

This box, which I believe dates from sometime between the 1920s-1940s or so, has clearly been much used and loved. The top features what seems like an etched design corresponding to the initials: definitely a Jaguar for the J and a Lion for the L, and I think perhaps a Hare for the H.  The design on the sides of the box mimics a woodgrain pattern and is in deeper relief; it seems that it might be pyrography. The lid is attached by nice hinges, flipping up to reveal a repeat of the monogram design on the interior, which the young owner seems to have enhanced with red and green crayon! On the bottom he has written his name in pencil -- which appears, at odds with the monogram, to be Raymond - and drawn many stars! Altogether quite a special thing I think, and with a lot more life left in it!

8" long x 2 3/4" deep x 1 3/8" tall. Much used but in very good condition, with hinges in great shape.