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How to resist these guys, who I found together but am selling individually, though I don't think having a gang of three is a bad idea at all! The heads are ceramic, and I believe these date to the 1950s or so, sold in a cardboard box by the 

Franco American Novelty Company and described fun for young and old alike. Indeed! One finger fits inside the head, and then one in either arm, and I must say that it is pretty fun bringing these expressive, endearing characters to life.

8" tall x 7" wide with arms out; head is about 2 7/8" tall. The head of the one at upper right in first photohas a chip at the base, only visible if one removes head from dress, which one is able to do, and then fit the dress back around its neck. Otherwise, good overall condition, with various degrees of wear as pictured. 

Price is PER PUPPET. Please indicate at checkout which you'd like, or add three to your cart for all!