Mollie Kreider's Fabulous Pencil Drawing of Fancy Young Woman with Huge Eyes

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Love at first sight with this one, which I found in Adams County, PA and imagine dates to around 1900 or just a bit earlier. I had been listening to a Dolly Parton CD on repeat as I drove, and this done-up beauty, in her ruffled bodice and adornments, is now forever linked to Dolly in my mind, seeming to possess a definite Dolly-ness (or vice verse, really.) I also think this drawing would make a really excellent tattoo! 

7 7/8" x 6 1/4". Executed in graphite across two sheets of lined paper taped together on the backside, with some bleed through of the tape to the front, which personally doesn't bother me at all. Otherwise, some scattered toning and stains; stable and not brittle. Signed on the back.