Modernist Cast Iron Tray with Enamel Painted Decoration, Presumed Japanese

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I found this one at my favorite shop in New Hampshire this week, owned by a family of artists and always a treasure trove of interesting things. My guess is that it is Japanese, thought there is no mark--cast of iron with enamel painted decoration in black and yellow and red. Perhaps it was made to be an ashtray, with the yellow enameled triangle perhaps pointing to where one would lay a cigarette, and maybe the two yellow circles suggesting a lighter (?; though also looking a bit like a movie camera and a curious little vehicle!), but it seems equally viable as a tray for jewelry or a line of perfectly crafted sushi rolls! In any event quite sharp and striking, with nice texture pressed into the face of the iron.  I'd call it Japanese deco and guess 1940s or so.

10 x 3 1/4" x 1/2" and in excellent condition.