Mixed Lot of China Paint Pigments

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Honestly, I bought these phials of china paint pigment simply because I thought they were beautiful--I find myself so hungry for color these days, and these feel rather like pure medicinal-grade doses of it! I also really love the names of some of the colors: "soft Wedgwood blue", "apple pedal pink", "heliotrope", "eve green". The look of the little bottles lined up neatly in a row, with their cork stoppers and apothecary-like labels just feels really satisfying.

China paints, made of ground mineral compounds and flux, are typically used for painting on porcelain; one mixes them with a medium (oil, etc), which simply suspends the pigment for painting; once fired, the flux (i.e. very finely ground glass) fuses the paint to the existing glaze permanently. Very little pigment is needed, so this lot of it would log a long way.

18 bottles, almost all if them full or close to it. Most are either from Chapman-Bailey, Los Angeles or Rynne China Co, Hazel Park, Michigan. Dims approx 2 3/4" t x 3/8" d.