Miss Elsie Larue Moyer's Charming Drawing of Young Couple on Fabric

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Perhaps it is young Elsie herself pictured in this wonderful schoolgirl drawing, with this great blue dress, big bow in her hair, and rather quizzical expression on her face, with one big eye looking  straight at us! Her companion, in his smart brown suit, looks somewhat more certain, and looks to me rather smitten with Miss Elsie! Rather unusual, at least to my knowledge, in being executed on cloth, which has a bit of a sheen to it, perhaps sateen, and I think in ink and I might guess crayon, though it's a bit hard to tell. On the reverse side of the hemmed bottom edge Elsie embroidered "Miss" then wrote the rest of her name. Wonderful. 

6 1/4" x 5" and in good condition, with a little discoloration and staining here and there which I don't think detracts a bit.Late 19th century or so I believe.