Miriam Keuhneisen's 1922 Chemistry Notebook with 40+ Meticulous Diagrams

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I'm always on the hunt for old diagrams of one sort or another, and Miss Miriam Meuhnelsen, who completed this chemistry class binder at Union High School (Maine) in 1922, was quite the dedicated and accomplished diagram-drawer!  Personally, I'm not so very much interested in the details of the experiments they illustrated, but rather just love them as stand alone drawings, which to me embody ideas of potential, action, reaction, etc.--delivered in wonderfully concise, precise, hand-drawn scenarios that also evince, for me at least, a sense of mystery and wonder. About 40 full page diagrams here, including a few related to sun and moon and planets, with a few more decorative pages of introduction, and one watercolor landscape that looks to me like Mt. Fuji! Plus lots of pages in between detailing  experiments conducted in class. All very carefully done, diagrams in ink with color here and there--and all easily removed from three ring binder.

8 7/8 x 10 15/16 and all in very good condition. Photos are representative but not all inclusive, and lots of pages of writing interspersed. Diagrams on page faces only, white paper.