Miniature Escritoire Style Desk or Chest

Regular price $55.00

I'm not at all an expert on miniature furniture; I just loved the proportions on this one, and the angled top, which pulls open to reveal shelves and compartments inside. I believe the wood is pine, stained a deep brown, and the pulls appear to be brass, with push-pin shaped fronts and split fastener type backs. It appears to be held together largely or entirely by was of tiny nails; I don't see traces of glue but it is possible some glue was used to join sides to the back. The drawers all fit beautifully and open and close smoothly, making it perfect for storing little things.

7 3/4" t x 7 5/8" w x 4 3/4" d. In very good condition, with a very warm presence, sturdy and solid, with some surface wear, mostly along the front edge of the top, and a whitish spot near the top pull. No chips, splits or other issues at all that I can see.