Miniature Antique Oil on Canvas Cow Painting in Silhouette Frame

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A bit of a curious one, which I found in Vermont, and took out of the frame with in order to get around the glare while photographing it, but also to understand it better! Oil on canvas, it looks to me as if it was cut out from a larger painting, but it has definitely lived in this 19th c silhouette type frame for quite a long time. What makes me love it especially is how much someone clearly very much prized this reddish brown cow, which looks to me to be wading in the water amid a painterly landscape.

Framed: 5 1/4" x 4 1/4". Painting itself measures 3 9/16" x 2 11/16". Frame shows a little wear and surface loss at bottom right corner. Painting is in good condition with a bit of paint loss at far right. With original glass in the frame.