Miniature (13 1/2") Four Door Weathered Wooden Chest in Old Paint

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Quite an evocative feeling piece I think (better, as almost always, than photos!), I assume made for storing doll clothes or dishes and whatnot, but useful now for housing all sorts of small things. Clearly it has had quite a life, with what looks like a few layers of paint on it, though I find it a bit hard to tell exactly how it's surface came to be--and the sides and back are something else as well. (It looks/feels to me like the yellow detail on the sides is some a sort of wax that resists paint or scraping, and the back is a pretty marvelous almost grain-painted looking whit/pale blue/rose. With its flat top it can also be flipped upside and works just as well, and I like the looks of it that way too! Shelves inside, all sturdy and stable, and aside from a small loss to the front quite a sound and solid thing, held together by a mix of nails, some old square ones, and with the hinges all well attached and functioning very well.

13 7/16 t" x 10 7/8" w x 4 1/4 d". Sturdy and sound.