Middle Eastern or Moroccan Vintage Kilim Pillow Cover / Camel Saddle Bag

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This piece I believe is a vintage camel saddle bag, but it would serve now as a fantastic pillow cover. It is constructed of two beautifully woven (and heavy!) pieces. The "front" features a complex, predominately black and white pattern, punctuated by colorful yellow, green, blue and pinkish diamonds, woven I believe with a wool weft on a cotton warp. The reverse features a vertically striped black, red and blue pattern, woven with wool on wool I believe. These are joined together by a woven seam, with that seam opened on a portion of the fourth side, leaving a perfect opening to slip in a pillow or stuffing and then slip stitch it closed to make a stunning throw pillow. 

Each side measures approximately 14 1/2" tall x 22 3/4". It is in great vintage condition.