Mid-Century Tofa Czechoslovakian Wooden Finger Puppet Set

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What a wonderful set of finger puppets! This complete set of five, in the original box, includes a donkey, bear, horse, mouse and dog. The puppets are made of painted wood, fabric (in a great array of colorful prints!), and what is either leather or vinyl for the ears. I think both they, and the graphics on the box, are just fantastic--great for kids, for amusing cats, or for cheering up oneself! I believe these date from the 1960s and were made in Czechoslovakia. So fun!

The puppets appear never to have been used, while the box shows some wear around the edges and two thin surface cuts on the top of the box, as if from an Xacto knife. The box measures 10" x 4 3/4" x 1 1/4". The puppets are each about 3 1/2" tall.