Mid-Century Studio Pottery Bowl with Radial Design, Presumed Frank Mann

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Everything about this lovely stoneware bowl makes me believe it is a piece by highly collectible mid-century studio potter Frank C. Mann of Vermont, 1950s-60s, though it appears to be unsigned. The shape, the super smooth surface, the matte white slip glaze, and the painterly, bold blue-black and green star-like decoration--all of it exactly matches Mann's other work (including another bowl I had in the shop), so I feel pretty confident of the attribution. In any event, a terrific piece, in terrific condition, perfect on the kitchen counter, or on the coffee table, or for serving, or just for display. 

7 1/8" diameter x 2" tall. Very good vintage condition. There is one glaze skip that reads as a dark line along the interior of the lip, original to the piece.