Mid-Century Scandinavian Pottery Vessel (Still Bank) with Horse Head

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I grew up with a horse-headed pottery vessel similar to this one, which my parents purchased in Copenhagen in the late 60s and I always loved, so I felt a strong sense of connection to this one when I found it (which its seller had, I guess because of the horse, thought to be Mid-Western!)  I can't find a mark on it, but am confident it too is Danish from the same period, and this one has a slash in the lid so to be used as a still bank. The raffia knot could easily be clipped off should one desire, and the piece makes a nice sculptural canister for all sorts of things--I might fill it with sugar or tea bags to put on the table at coffee or tea time. Really lovely. 

9 1/4" tall x 3 3/4" d. Very good condition. A little crazing to the glaze, and there is a very carefully done old repair to the underside of the lid; it took me a while to notice and I can't see any sign of it from the outside.