Large Carved Modern Stone Sculpture, Presumed Mid-Century Shona

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I really don't know much about this sculpture, but I think it's quite an elegant, evocative and finely done piece, and it reminded me of how infrequently I find modern sculpture of a substantial scale that I really like when I am out hunting for things. My guess is that it is a Shona sculpture---referring to the modern movement of carved stone sculpture from Zimbabwe that began in the mid-20th century, which grew and derived its name from the ‘Shona’ people's long tradition of stone working. If indeed it is Shona, I am pretty confident it is "first generation", 1950s-60s. Carved into the underside in capital letters is what appears to be "PEDICA", which I have not been able to trace. 

In any event, it is a piece with a strong but nuanced presence, which I think would be really wonderful to live with, and great in a wide variety of contexts, from minimalist to maximalist. From a distance, it reads as the form of a hand with fingers raised; closer one sees two stylized figures nestled together, with a wrapped arm framing right side and bottom. The stone is a beautiful deep marbled green, I believe likely Serpentine stone. 

15 1/8" tall x 6" wide x 2 1/8" deep. Very good vintage condition, with no chips or notable flaws. There are 2 light linear scrapes on the shoulder that read white, minor and not detracting. 

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