Mid-Century Hand-thrown Pottery Vase with Fantastic Expressionistic Sgraffito

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I'm in love with this vase, which is the perfect size and shape to fill with everything from daffodils to lilac to peonies and more. The painterly white and inky dark blue glazing around the body of the vase has been incised to reveal the black slip underneath, and this sgraffito design is just fantastic, reminding one of a terrific expressionistic woodcut. Unique all the way around, most of the time the design appears as gestural abstract forms, but then what is almost certain to be a big fish appears, with one eye and mouth wide open, and seeming as if about to take a bite out of the sun! Just the perfect mix of rustic and refined, this is really a wonderful, beautifully crafted, quintessentially mid-century piece! 

It is signed on the bottom with what appears to be an FJ to start, but I can't discern the rest of the letters. It is in excellent condition, without a single flaw that I can find, and measures 6 1/8" tall x 5 1/2" at widest. 4 3/4" across at lip, and 3 3/4" across at opening.