Mid-Century Hand-thrown Pedestal Bowl with White Fat Lava Glazing

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My photos don't do justice to this piece. Occasionally I'll see something that makes me think about home staging, i.e., it would be the perfect thing to have sitting on the counter when trying to sell a house--and that is what I thought of as soon as I saw this bowl, envisioning it filled with Granny Smith apples, or a few acid green hedge apples even better!  It would also make a great serving bowl, with the pedestal base making a trivet underneath it unnecessary. 

Mid-century I believe, and in excellent condition, without a flaw on it anywhere that I can see. 8 3/4" in diameter, 6 1/4" tall. The glaze is a cool white, though the photos make it look a little bluer than it is.  It seems it may be signed with initials on the underside, but I cannot make them out.