Mid-Century Gray Scale Geometric Forms Charcoal Drawing

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This large charcoal drawing, c.1950s-60s, has quite a satisfying presence, and a warm one, with the outlines of the geometric forms not perfectly straight, such that a certain softness undermines their hard edge-ness. The softness of the ground adds to the effect, with the forms neither fully of it or completely hovering above it but rather mingling in some more in between kind of space. Signed on the back with what appears to read Bev Daelini (or similar!), and while not a masterpiece, I think quite a nice piece to live with. (I find looking at it facilitates meditation!) 

19ʺ w × 25ʺ and in very good vintage condition. The reverse shows traces of a figure drawing, which I believe is rubbing from another drawing this one was at some point stacked on top of.