Mid-Century Ceramic Bull in the Manner of Alvino Bagni for Bitossi

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This elegant, stoic ceramic bull has a presence much grander than its size, and one that feels rather spiritual; I feel like it is a protector. And it is heavy! Unsigned but in the manner of Alvino Bagni's bulls for Bitossi, it was purchased from an estate in Littleton, Massachusetts that included mid-century furnishings and a huge collection of animal-related art and objects from around the world , including several Bitossi pieces.

The deep brown glaze that covers the surface of the bull's body is predominately smooth, though has a bit of a texture on the front of the face, back of the neck, and rear of the back. There are a few lighter striations on one side of the back, documented in the photos. 

3.5ʺw × 8ʺd × 5ʺh. The piece is in excellent condition; the only observable flaw is a slight indentation or possible chip on the base of the front right foot, possibly original to the piece and visible only when turned upside down.