Mid-Century Carved and Painted Mexican Festival Mask with Rattle Headpiece

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I am not at all on expert on Mexican dance and festival masks, but I certainly admire them in their vast and fantastic variety! I am pretty sure this one dates to  the 1950s or so, and believe it would be referred to as a Moro mask, representing a Spanish colonial in the dance of the Christians and Moors. (And, with the red cheeks, exaggerated features and horn like pieces at the temples, rather mockingly I'd think.) The striped piece sticking straight up like a feather is a huge seed pod of some sort I believe, as it rattles when you shake it, or wear it, which would be the point!

It shows wear—paint loss on the nose, dings here and there, and some cracks in the chin area—but it’s quite stable and sturdy and if one tied a tied ribbons through the holes at the sides, it would he quite wearable, with the eye holes below the painted eyes lining up well to my face at least!

15” t x 10 3/4” w overall. Just the face measures 6 1/2” straight across when measured from the backside.